From Carl Stephenson

"The following is a review of Tralain Roslyn. 

I have known Tralain for quite a while, having recorded at DreamWorks for what has become the band Tunewell ( The first album features our instrumental music. We will be releasing a vocal album and are working on a song called "Universal Peace". She is a virtuoso singer songwriter, a Diva without compare! You can hear her beautiful vocals at eight, "Beautiful Cloudy Days". We work with The Tree of Life Guardianship non profit donating our time and music. Tralain is a talented performer and entertainer, rocking venues with her eclectic R&B/hip hop/rock/folk music. She is versatile and is involved in creating several styles of music for different projects she is working with. Tralain has much potential, having the skills to create a phenomenal multimedia internet, TV and film music presence. I really enjoy working with Tralain. She is an ideal artist with much positive energy."

~Carl Stephenson (
Worked with Grammy award winning artist Beck as well as
Virgin Records artists Paula Abdul (the Skat Kat cartoon character)
and The College Boyz who were on the Arsenio Hall show twice.